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October 16, 2008

awesome events!

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sup everyone,

im back for now 🙂

here is the new awesome newspaper that just came out:

Check out the 3rd anniversary of clubpenguin is coming up!! its that special day for everyone – a party, some free items i bet, and best of all other cool penguins!! Dont miss it happening October 24th!

Also, some more awesome events –

October 17-26: awesome igloo decorating contest!! For all you members buy as much as you can and make sure to make your crib/igloo the hottest one clubpenguin has ever seen!!!

October 24: 3rd anniversary of Club Penguin. Also!! next hidden pin – which means i have my pin widget updated for this awesome next pin!!

October 29: Spooooky and yet awesome halloween party coming to Club Penguin – be sure to wear your best costume and party, party, party!! We might need to bring a whole bunch of trick or treat baskets for this!!

October 31: New!! Snow & Sports catalog will be released!! Gear up for your favorite sports and look super cool!!

Thats it for now

Stay cool,



October 12, 2008

Big Update

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Sup everyone,

I know you guys havent heard from me in a great number of weeks – thats because i have been trying to save up and add more stuff to this site then just this blog. Things like a forum,chat,poll,vids, and so much more instead of just a blog. I will post again along with the latest cheats, tips, guides, games, again by this Friday. Also, i will be doing some updating on my trackers, widgets and more so they can be awesome. Thanks for helping me reach 150,000 hits by the way – because its been a pleasure to help bring the latest cheats,tips,glitches,vids, and so much more. Thank you all for being awesome – saying that, the update that i am about to do will make sure that when you come to this site, u wont want to leave.

Stay cool,


September 20, 2008

awesome events and more!!

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sup everyone,

first off – rockhopper has left a note for all you pirate penguins 8)

Its back!!, the awesome fall festival! Just like last year you will be playing awesome games to win awesome prices!

In the latest news here are the furniture catalog cheats!!

Click the Umbrella for the awesome blender:

Click the wall chalkboard for the awesome chalkboard:

Next, click on the pizza oven flames to make them move then click on them again to get the awesome stainless steel refridgerator!

Last, but not least be sure to click on the green note for the awesome guitar stand!

Also, here are the Upcoming events mentioned in this weeks awesome newspaper:

 September 26 – October 5: The awesome Fall fair party!

September 19: Better igloo catalog release!

October 3: New penguin style catalog – dress up your awesome penguin!

September 26: Next awesome pin!!


My 150,000 hits party is approaching fast!!! We are going to have an awesome time partying and playing games most of all its going to be during another Club Penguin party!!! Want it to come sooner then help me Midfreshman get 150,000 hits sooner by continuing to visit and checkout my site.

Stay cool,


September 12, 2008

2 pins, awesome new theme for stage and more!!

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Sup everyone,

As you can see be my awesome pin widget that the New Magnifying glass if located at the Dock, at the tree at the bottom right. Click here for an awesome poll for my pin widget and how you think it would become better.

Now theres a new awesome theme to the stage:

Your going to be an awesome detective in this awesome play.

Here are the awesome surprises at the stage:

For the first time ever in club penguin – there has been the release of not 1 but 2 awesome pins!!! Here is how to get the new ruby pin to add or start to your collection!!

  • Go to the stage
  • Click on these things at the Stage in the following order: The file cabinet, Trashcan, Book, vase, painting.

  • Next, click the safe behind the painting.

There, now you have your awesome new ruby pin!!

Costume catalog cheats:

Click on the door nob on the page just like the pic below – to get the awesome Dark Detective’s Coat:

In the costume catalog there are 2 available backgrounds for nonmembers and members.

One is located in the costume catalog called the detective background.

Now, if you flip all the way to the back of the costume catalog you will find that there is another (wat another??) yep another, a awesome and available background for both members and non-members.

Hold on to your seats….for 3 awesome parties that are coming up: The Fall fair with awesome games and prizes, the halloween party – one of the most spookist ways to party with your friends, also last but not least Club Penguin’s 3rd year anniversary party for 1 day only – and their giving away a free awesome party hat just like last year. Every party there are going to be some awesome prizes for everyone!!!! Finally, by the time of 1 of those parties im going to hit 150,000 hits and we are going to partying like crazy 8) with games and so much more.

Stay cool,


September 10, 2008

Awesome fall fair and stage preview!!

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Whats up everyone!!

As you know there is going to be the return of the fall fair!! I think this means another party where you have to work for your free items just like last year-well anyways here is a sneek pic:

Also, if you have not noticed the Stage has been going major construction, I have a sneek pic on what its going to look like-check it out:

Well, thats it for the latest news on clubpenguin.

In other news, im trying to get to 150,000 hits on this blog – help me get there so we can have a more awesome party than last time – which btw almost filled up rooms – time to fill up servers 8)

Stay cool,


September 5, 2008

New Clothing catalog and more!

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Sup everyone check on the New clothing catalog and wig catalogs!!!

Clothing catalog cheats:

Click on the golden puffle for the red viking helmet. Open and close it 4 times to get the blue viking helmet:

Click on the the penguins face to get the MIxed bracelets:

Click on the Acoustic Guitar for the Jade Necklace:

Wig catalog cheats:

Click on the spikester for the spikette:

In other news the Stage located at the Plaza, is under construction. I wonder wats going on? Click here to check out the newspaper on its awesome story.

Im coming up on my goal of 150,000 hits and thats when im going to have my party – party banner is being made.

Stay cool, and enjoy these awesome cheats,


September 3, 2008

Clothing catalog sneek peak

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Sup everyone here is a awesome clothing catalog sneek peak for evereyone:

Looks like a bandana, jeans, a brown shirt and maybe a shirt with blue paint splashs on it? I guess we will have to wait and see this Friday. Maybe they will bring some rare items for everyone again? If so which ones do you want them to bring back?

Stay cool,


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