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June 5, 2007

The NEW,AWESOME GAME, at the COVE called “Catchin’ Waves.”

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Here is a cool picture about the NEW GAME at the COVE, I made from Club Penguin!!!

 The SUPER COOL, NEW GAME at the COVE is now OPEN!!! It is an AWESOME game that is at the COVE!!! IT INCLUDES: A COOL FREESTYLE MODE!!! AND a COMPETITION MODE!!! Both will get you a reasonable amount of coins, if your good. This may be the BEST GAME in club penguin right now!!!! For all you new players at club penguin, the Surf game is in the hut in the Cove.

In the freestyle mode you can practise all the tricks and learn the basics of the game. In competition mode you do all your tricks and the judges will give you a rating. Good Luck!!!

To play the game all you have to do is move your mouse up or down to move your penguin and make you can make your penguin go faster by going up then down, the higher you go up on the wave, then come down and you will go faster, but avoid the buttom of the Wave you will fall off. You can do tricks above the waves, build up speed and then launch yourself above the wave of use W,S,A, and D to do tricks above the water. You can also grind the top of the wave by, clicking your left button on your mouse, make sure you balance yourself on that to.Also you can press W to wave, D to dance, A to do a handstand and S to lie down, use combinations to get bigger points or tokens (combinations of two letters or arrows).

To gain coins you will need to do lots of tricks while balancing on the surfboard and without falling into the sea. (Be careful).

One more thing about the competition mode is that there will be different judges that ask for different techniques, it gets easy after a while playing the game.

The main cool thing about the game is in competition mode, if you get to the top 3 ranks then you get a SUPER COOL, HUGE token addition prize, i have gotten FIRST place (500 Token addition prize).

Here is a cool cheat i JUST figured out!!! It has to do with your red puffle, (if you don’t have one, you can buy one-even if your not a member) HAVE YOU NOTICED?: When the Red puffle takes a bath, it surfs. The COOL thing is if you take your puffle to the game “catchin waves,” in your game you will see your Red puffle surfing!!! NOTE: this only works for the red puffle nothing else.

Surf’s Up!!!


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