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August 9, 2007

HQ mission answers!!

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There is a new mission that came out (Only for penguins 30 days and older). (click to enlarge)


1. First, talk to G in HQ. After that ask him where the life perserver shooter is:


2.Next, in the room you will find the life perserver shooter on the shelf with the other gadgets to the left.


3.Next, go to the Sport’s Shop to collect rockhopper’s belt (it helps you later).


4.Go to lodge in Ski Village and get the fishing rod. (you need to attach it to the life perserver shooter).


5.The last item you need for the life perserver shooter is some rope. (its at the lighthouse).


6.Next you want to attach all the items together (the life perserver shooter, the fishing rod, and the rope), then you want to go to the mountain.


7. Here is the way you get the the tricky path.






8. Next when you get to the accident scene use the life perserver shooter (equiped with all the items).


9. The first thing you want to is break the branch to your right with the life perserver.


10.Next you need to get the first penguin on the tree then get the second penguin nearest to the first penguin, then put one penguin back on the tree.


 11. Then, grab the third penguin that is under the tree.


12.Next you want to get all three penguins and put them on the ledge with the rock. They will push and it will hit the red sled and the fourth penguin will bounce up on the ledge above it.


13.Now you have rescued all four penguins involved and the accident and its time to go fix the ride leading up to the mountain.


14.Next you need to go back to ski village and you will find some white fur laying on the ground.


15. Next this is where rockhopper’s belt comes in handee. Use it to fix the the ride.


16. Next you have basically completed the mission and all you need to do now is talk to G who is on top of the mountain. When you talk to him give him the white fur you found on the ground and he will continue to investigate it.


Now you have completed the avalanche rescue mission!!! 🙂

Here is the letter that self destructs if did not get a chance to read it.


Also you get medal and a plaque awards.



Stay COOL,





  1. Enjoy the super awesome mission!!

    Comment by midfresh — August 24, 2007 @ 10:18 pm

  2. hey its i dude you

    Comment by kippy72 — September 8, 2007 @ 10:56 pm

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