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July 15, 2008

New feature launch and CP DS game!!!

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Sup everyone,

Clubpenguin has released their new released features!!! 8)

Check out these new features:

  • Awesome Updated igloo backgrounds when you go to your igloo.

Also, when you click on edit mode in your igloo, a paper backround will appear:

  • Penguin Mail (Click on the envelope at top left) And you can send mail to any friend 8)

Here is a pic out of a book of variety postcards you may send to your friends: 🙂

  • Server selection (server where your buddies are, most viewed servers, etc.)

  • Player card sort arrangement!!:

Also, when you click on the new penguin mail system there will be a letter where you will receive a free gift!!! The Blue penguin mail bag! 8)

Here are some extra features found in Club Penguin:

  1. The Green Puffle has left the Night Club and can be found now playing around in the Ice Rink. With the Green Puffle enjoying itself playing we are not able to play with puck. Notice: Clubpenguin has announced that this feature will be temporary, so the Green puffle will not be playing at the Ice Rink for much longer. This means the rink will be back to normal, so enjoy watching the Green Puffle playing while he’s here. You will be able to play Hockey once again soon.
  2. When you log in and a buddy of yours is in the same server your in then a bubble will show up when you log in showing that your buddy is logged in too.
  3. When your puffle is hungry, needs a shower, etc. You will get a postcard from your puffle showing what you need to do.
  4. While you play clubpenguin right click and zoom in, your able to zoom in and out of clubpenguin while your playing!! 8)
  5. Now with these new features your ABLE to chat on NON-chat servers. Click here to find out how.
  6. Talking with a blank bubble: Click on the Chat bar on Clubpenguin. Then press the Space bar. Next press the enter. Here’s a pic of it:

  7.  Member Igloos Map – When you click on the Members Igloos on the Map, you will get a seperate map of member igloo’s that are open right now. Here is a pic:

Check out the awesome NEW Cp DS game!!

If you have a Nintendo DS and are a big fan of Clubpenguin be sure to buy this awesome game!!

If you have not notice i have updated my blog-where the links to missions, walkthroughs, questions and more are fixed and now work. Check them out!!

Stay cool,


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  1. Nice Site, how did you make that widget ?

    Comment by Toak — July 17, 2008 @ 7:10 am

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