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August 22, 2008

Awesome party, free items, and how to get a gold medal!!

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Sup everyone,

Check out all around Club Penguin!! The penguin games have started!!!

There are some free items available plus more below:

Free items:

The Red face paint at the Coffee Shop: (Walk onto the desk)

Want to be able to have the awesome “Go Red” sign? Simply take off everything except the face paint and press “W” on your keyboard and it should look like the above pic.

The Blue face paint is located in the Pizza Parlor:

Want the awesome “Go Blue” sign? Take off everything except the blue face paint and press “W” on your keyboard and you should look like me on the pic above.

How to get a Gold medal item on Club Penguin

If you want to view the races make sure you click the medal at the top right corner.

Once you click on the medal it should tell you about the races on Club Penguin and where they are located. Also, for each race you complete there will be a check next to that race on the checkboard. Check out the pic:


The first race is the Marathon. It is located at the Ski Village. You start the race by going behind the starting line near the light (it will light up). To complete this race you will need to go through these rooms:  Ski Village>Beach>Dock>Town>Snow Forts>Plaza>Forest>Cove. In each room you will need to stop beside each and every light located in each room, while on the track. Here’s a pic:

Be sure to spot every light and light each one up or you will not be able to recieve a check for that race. At the end go past the finish line and your check-board will appear with a check next to that race.

The next race is the Three Lap Race at the Iceberg. It is the same idea: you have to hit all the lights. Sometimes the lights might not work very well, but they do work. Remember, you have to around the track THREE TIMES. It will show how many laps you have done on the black screen so you wont get confused.

The last race is the Freestyle Swim at the Underground Pool. You must swim FIVE lengths of the Pool. Make sure you make the 2 lights go off EACH time you hit the end of the Pool. Good luck!

Once your done completing all of the races the checkboard should appear. Be sure to claim your awesome prize!!!

Here is a pic of the FREE Gold medal once you click on claim prize: (Click to enlarge)

Well, that was your awesome guide to winning all of the awesome courses, and getting some free items. WTG 8)

Finally, If you have not noticed the Ice rink is only open to members, there are no free items-just the ice rink has changed into a soccer like field.

Check it out!!

Stay cool,



  1. Hey penguins………..the penguin games are AWESOME…..i got my gold medal but the one thing i didnt get to do is go into the ice rink…because its only 4 MEMBERS……AND I SERIOUSLY want to go in………I WISH I COULD BE A MEMBER it would be so cool!!!!

    Comment by Penguingirl — August 26, 2008 @ 8:58 pm

  2. Club Penguin is awesome!!!! but i REALLY REALLY want to be a member but if not im ok with a nonmember penguin but its just so cool u get to design ur igloo and much MUCH more…..=)=)=)

    Comment by Penguingirl — August 26, 2008 @ 9:01 pm

  3. Cool Contest

    Comment by sPARKY 681 — August 27, 2008 @ 6:18 pm


    Comment by butt head -----> — September 20, 2008 @ 4:20 pm

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