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September 1, 2008

Walkthrough-How to get you more money

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Location: At the Dock.

Directions: Use your mouse to jump over has much things possible. Except buoys.

Object of the game and tips:

1. If you see a Life Ring, make sure to move your tube over it. Even if there’s items near you should still take the risk and try to get it. If you move your Tube over the Life Ring, you get a Free Life.

2. Some items can’t be jumped over. Don’t try to jump over Buoys. Buoys will knock you off your Tube.

3. If you lose a life in a level of the game, dont worry about it – a life ring always appears in the next upcoming level.

4. Try to Jump over the Items as much as possible by Left-Clicking with your Mouse. If you Jump Over Items you receive Ten Times as much coins than you do if you dodge items.

5. If there is a lot of items nearby try jumping over all of them. You can move your Tube while in Mid Air. If you jump over all of the Items you will receive more coins.

6. Levels get harder as you get farther in the game. The game never ends. However, the higher level you are on, the more coins you will receive for beating the level.

7. Some items are worth more coins than other items. The Beach Ball is the fastest moving Item so it is worth the more coins than most items. The Ice Berg is the Largest Item so it gives more coins if you hop over it.

8. If you Play Hydro Hopper with either of the Wake Boards you will go faster and receive more coins.

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