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September 1, 2008

Extravaganza ends with an awesome result!!

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Sup everyone!

I posted this post because this is the finally post to conclude my awesome extravaganza for this site. If you check my club penguin and cheats page you will see that everyone cheat, game walkthrough, etc. has been added!!! In the future when new cheats come out i will have them posted immediately, and added to my clubpenguin and cheats page immediately. Also, i have added awesome mission video’s to all missions. be sure to check those out too!

If your looking for the furniture catalog cheats, Click here.

Stay cool, and enjoy my upgraded site.



How to log into Club penguin with 2 accounts

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You will need IE 7 or Mozilla Firefox

1. Log into Club Penguin

2.Click play, log into any server.

3.Now open up another tab.

4. Go to

5.log in. ignore the “multiple log-in” sign.

6.Hold tab until there is a yellow box around “okay”

7.login with the wrong pass first. (the orange box should still be there)

8.It will say that, that was the wrong password. Click okay.

9.Now log in with the right password.

now you should have to penguin accounts logged in at the same time.

Here is the video walkthrough for this cheat made by chewypup. (Click here) (WARNING – there are some curse words in the music. so dont blast the music if your parents dont allow it but its still an awesome video)

How to have symbols on top of your cp name.

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(Update: This glitch was fixed)

Here is the awesome way you can get symbols on top of your cp name.

Here are some symbols you can put on your name if you want:

  1. â
  2. ç
  3. ê
  4. û
  5. ş
  6. î
  7. õ
  8. û
  9. ñ

If you want to find more then follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your start menu.
  2. Click RUN.
  3. Enter, “Charmap”.
  4. Press Okay.

The above tutorial only works for windows computers, it is probably similar on other platforms.

Stay cool,


Walkthrough-How to get you more money

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Location: At the Dock.

Directions: Use your mouse to jump over has much things possible. Except buoys.

Object of the game and tips:

1. If you see a Life Ring, make sure to move your tube over it. Even if there’s items near you should still take the risk and try to get it. If you move your Tube over the Life Ring, you get a Free Life.

2. Some items can’t be jumped over. Don’t try to jump over Buoys. Buoys will knock you off your Tube.

3. If you lose a life in a level of the game, dont worry about it – a life ring always appears in the next upcoming level.

4. Try to Jump over the Items as much as possible by Left-Clicking with your Mouse. If you Jump Over Items you receive Ten Times as much coins than you do if you dodge items.

5. If there is a lot of items nearby try jumping over all of them. You can move your Tube while in Mid Air. If you jump over all of the Items you will receive more coins.

6. Levels get harder as you get farther in the game. The game never ends. However, the higher level you are on, the more coins you will receive for beating the level.

7. Some items are worth more coins than other items. The Beach Ball is the fastest moving Item so it is worth the more coins than most items. The Ice Berg is the Largest Item so it gives more coins if you hop over it.

8. If you Play Hydro Hopper with either of the Wake Boards you will go faster and receive more coins.

Stay cool,


Walkthrough-How to get you more money

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Here is the game walkthrough and cheats of puffle round-up. (Scroll down for the cheats and walkthrough of Sled racing)

 (Click to enlarge):

Location: In the Plaza

1. Try to get the Puffles in a group before you chase them into the Pen. It is easier to gather them all and can help you catch more Puffles.

2. Different Colored Puffles move at different speeds. The Faster the Puffle the harder it is to catch it. The Purple and Black Puffles are the fastest Puffles. The Red and Blue Puffles are the Slowest Puffles.

3. Don’t chase Puffles when they are near the edge. They could run away which would lower your score.

4. If your time is relatively low, just let the other puffles escape by running them off the screen so that you can play in more levels.

5. When you finish a game your Time Leftover from the previous round carries on to the new round and is multiplied by the Amount of Puffles that you caught. This means the goal of the game is to catch as many Puffles in the Shortest Time possible.

6. Play as many rounds as you can. The more rounds that you play the more coins you receive. If you get bored after a while you can stop playing and collect your coins from the game.

How To Earn More Coins in Sled Racing

Location: This game is located at Ski Mountain. Here is a pic:

Object of the game: Beat other penguins by avoiding obstacles throughout each track.

Helpful Tips: Here is a list of helpful tips

1. Try to slide over the Blue Ice Patches. These Blue Ice Patches will increase your Speed greatly and give you a much better chance of winning the Sled Race.

2. Avoid Objects like the Logs made of Trees. These will knock you down off of your sled and give other penguins a chance to get ahead of you.

3. Try to stay in the Middle of the Track. It will give you a better advantage and will allow you to get to both sides instead of one. Always try to stay in the Middle.

4. Watch out before you jump over a Hill. Make sure that you will be able to dodge all of the Logs and other obstacles on the other Side of the Hill.

Stay cool,


Walkthrough-How to get you more money

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This game walkthrough is about DJ3k:

Location: In the nightclub

Object of the game: Create tones, by adding sounds to make a beat.  You can add as many tunes as you would like, or even mix it up using different combinations. When i first played the game i just pushed random buttons and it turned out to earn me a lot of coins.

Game cheat: Play the game without doing anything for 5 minutes and you will recieve over 200 coins.

Stay cool,


Walkthrough-How to get you more money

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Location: This game is located at the Pizza Parlor. In the Plaza.

Object of the game: Create as many pizza’s as possible to earn coins.

1. Before you even Start to play Pizzatron3000 I suggest to switch the Red Lever on the Home Page for Pizzatron3000. You will receive a lot more coins and will be able to do Candy Toppings on Pizza! Here is a Picture of the Red Lever on the Conveyor Belt for Pizzatron3000. This Lever is on the Menu for Pizza Tron. Here is a Picture of the Lever:

2. Try to do the Toppings on the Left First. They will be closer to the moving Pizza so it will be easier to get all of the items. This makes the Topping Closer to the Moving Pizza which means that you will have less distance to drag your mouse. This will decrease the amount of time that is needed to put all of the Toppings on which will give you a better chance of passing the Level.

3. Play the Whole game. The Farther that you get the more coins you will receive from Tips from the customers.

4. Do anything you can to keep on playing. Try to keep a streak of consecutive good pizzas. The more good pizzas you make in a row, the larger the Tips will be. Tips increase as you get more consecutive good pizzas.

Stay cool,


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